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springvalley dome from drive
Rhombic Dodecahedron Box-1

Architectural Applications
facilitate integrated lifestyle
in fundamental forms of reflection

Natural structures show superior design strategies and aesthetically resonate with our most fundamental sense of proportion and balance. Our world and body molecularly attune to these elementary relationships, for we are formed in the universal energy matrix that seeds our manifested world of formal structure.
Many of the designs below are based on fundamental geometric and crystal forms.  Plans available for all ~ email, write or phone.

This pole house (also shown above) was built on three elementary crystal facets, with dimensions
 in ratios of 1/square root 2/square root 3


This hexagonal storage shed, with folded plate construction, uses exactly 18 sheets of plywood, 6 studs & 6 rafters with no waste,
(exclusive of floor) = 166 sq.ft.

Hex-module house of pole/stucco/foam sandwich construction, is super-insulated & solar heated with massive thermal storage and natural circulation.

Inside space = 1162 sq.ft.

16’ x 20’ Studio with 16’ x 8’ cantilevered loft = 448 sq.ft.
1982 cost = $30/sq.ft. 4 large doors open entire front.  Under floor heating,
kitchen, storage under 4’ wide stairway and shelves up stair wall.

Seven-sided dome home has many unique features.


Triangular cat house has roof facets of rhombic dodecahedron
(diamond bond angle)
Easy to build plans available.

Design applicable to a house, especially good in high-wind areas.

Tiled ferrocement on foam hot tub looses only 2 degrees F temperature per day with no additional heat. Beautiful, economical, maintenance-free.

Triangular zigzag bookshelves are very sturdy, economical of material and aesthetically pleasing.
Quick to build with detailed plans.

Dodeca-star building-3

Concept design of building based on pentagonal dodecahedron, showing stained glass pentagon window-skylight and roofing pattern. 

Dodeca-star building
transparent star skylight1
transparent star skylight2

This tiny home concept is composed of facets of the icosahedron and pentagonal dodecahedron (Great Stellated Dodecahedron), with the star-roof shown as transparent skylight.  These two fundamental geometries, of the 5 Platonic Solids, represent “Water-of-Life” and “Ether-Essence”  Floor area = 172 sq.ft.

transparent star skylight3
star domewith man2

This building is a segment of a full “pentagonal dodecahedron dome”, with  pentagram (stars) replacing the  pentagons, and saddle-curved hyperbolic paraboloids in between.  The stars are woven from poles, with the star points attache, creating an amazingly rigid framework.  The saddle curved surfaces are reinforced with screen woven as pictured below This example is of the hyperbolic paraboloids of the octahedron and tetrahedron.   Curves generated with straight lines in two directions!  Many variations in orientation are possible.

star house

Hyperbolic paraboloids of octahedron.  Unique saddle-curve generated from straight lines.  Super strong thin-shell ferrocement construction.  Ideally suited for park, playground or beach structure.  Overhangs cover larger square ground area

Hyperbolic Paraboloids of octahedron-above

Two-story house design of saddle-
curved hyperbolic paraboloids of icosahedron. Straight poles form curves.  Many variations possible.

Six tetrahedral hyperbolic paraboloids in cuboctahedron as design for ferrocement playground structure. 

Roof of hyperbolic paraboloids ideally suited for thin-shell ferrocement construction
of cubic-octahedral  minimal- surface
curved space geometry

Super-fun octahedron-tetrahedron “ThinkerToy” swing spins 6 swings high and fast. Always the highlight of the party for kids and adults!

Available as kit to assemble yourself !


Unique ergonomic & highly accurate adz will carve huge quantities of wood in a short time!  Other hand tools available that can compete with power tools.
Built to order or plans available.

More Unique Creations and Inventions


I am an inventor.  I’ve been inventing new creations all my life, and have gotten pretty good at it. I always look for unique new ways to do things, to integrate various functions, concepts, materials and building techniques into a whole that is more than the sum of the parts.  The creations you see pictured here are just a sample. I can send you professional detailed plans if you want to build them yourself.

I can also create a Realistic 3D Solid-model (Computer-Aided-Design) of any structure or design concept you have in mind, then send you a 3D picture you can view from all angles and a detailed set of plans and dimensions for you to build from.

If you see something here that intrigues you, or you have an idea you would like to develop and put into visual perspective, contact me (  I’m easy to work with, flexible and reasonably priced.


Larry Dobson