Fundamental Form-s

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the foundation of science, art, architecture and integral consciousness

"Everything that we can see, everything that we can understand is related to structure - perception is in patterns not fragments.” ~ Cyril S. Smith

Rhombic Dodecahedron Box-1

inside-out cube is the DOMAIN OF
this is the space-filling rhombic dodecahedron,
with 12 diamond faces with the tetrahedral diamond bond angle
of 109.47...degrees = the “true” diamond shape

Dip an Octahedron in soap film ~ what do you get?
Rhombic Dodecahedron Box and Swing-Hub

Bucky’s “Tensegrity Structure”
inside the inside-out cube
balanced relationships of 12 atoms
interfacing 13th central atom of rhombic dodecahedron domain shape shown above Left.
Above right is “Thinkertoy” hub of same geometry


4 Hyperbolic Paraboloids
of regular octahedra
have ideal compressive advantage of parabola ~ excellent for high-strength thin-shell construction with non-reverbatory acoustics

< Dip an octahedral wireframe in soap solution.
What do you get when you’re lucky?
18 unique symetrical planes
connected in 30  diamond bond angles
of 109.47... degrees

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics." 
Albert Einstein

“Crystallinity is the code of creation.  The foundational essence and structure of all manifestation is its crystalline ordering, which spans all of existence, from the subatomic microcosmic levels to the megadimensional macrocosmic levels of reality..... The entire omniverse is founded and sustained by a network of interdimensionally interrconnected crystalline code-patterns that function as the fundamental coordinating blueprints for all vibrational intaeractions throughout the Universal Mind.  This all-encompassing network is termed the Universal Energy Network (UEN).”

The Crystal Connection, a Guidebook for Personal and Planetary Ascension, by Randall N. Baer & Vicki V. Baer, 1987, Harper & Row


“Inspiration, even passion, is indeed necessary for creative art, but the knowledge of the Science of Space, of the Theory of Proportions, far from narrowing the creative power of the artist, opens for him an infinite variety of choices within the realm of symphonic composition

Matila Ghyka, The Geometry of Art and Life

"The science of the future will be based on Sympathetic Vibrations." ~ Rudolph Steiner, 1913

Resonance within our True Domain

Building on Resonance

We Homo Erectae seem to be far more complex creatures than  others on earth.  We stand erect with gravity, at 90 degrees to the ground, the “right” angle to be in relationship with the Earth, symbolized by the fundamental  right-angled cube according to Plato.  We measure and see our world in a projected duality of three dimensions --- length, width, and height.
We 3-dimensional humans are stuck in a box, a square box of rectilinear walls, built almost exclusively at the “right” angle of 90, with opposite and parallel walls that reflect back to us a dualistic projected mental consciousness.  We are so trapped in our boxes, with reverberatory feedback, that we know no other way to think.
Our educational system is stuck in this mold, far deeper than we are aware, for it is an all-encompassing trans-cultural perspective.  We form our environment and our environment forms us.
But the atoms of our bodies and world vibrate more fundamentally.  Tetrahedral bonds form the predominant relationships in both our Silicon-based inorganic world and the carbon-based living organisms of our realm, yet we live predominantly in cubes, not in tetrahedra.  IMG_6663Tetrahedra have corners opposite each of the 4 walls, not the 6 opposite reverberating walls of the cube ~ how different the acoustics?

There are worlds of new architecture to discover once we delve deeper into our psyche, into the world of archetypal form.  A sense of order is essential to everyone's stability and sanity.  An awesomely simple order underlies our complex physical world, and in its recognition lies the potential for liberation from our flat-projected superficial 3-dimensional world-view. Additionally, structures in nature show superior design strategies and aesthetically resonate with our most fundamental sense of proportion and balance.  This is a realm I have explored with great passion, and I now believe that buildings can greatly assist us vibrationally to evolve into a new consciousness.

  Much of my experience in Life has been involved in the building profession. While I have studied many traditional architectural practices and construction methods, my greatest emphasis has been on developing new approaches to integral building and design, integrating multiple concepts, materials, functions and disciplines to serve an overarching purpose, using solar heating, optimum application of material properties, the geometries of natural form, crystal structure and human comfort & convenience.

  Following this fascinating unfolding, I have:

  • built a great variety of hands-on educational materials to assist others in this discovery process - geometric building blocks and construction sets to build in crystal domains, transformational geometric puzzles that show elegant interrelationships of fundamental form, soap-film matrices and many models of applied principles.designed, built, houses based on crystal geometry, elliptical sound amplifiers, parabolic trusses and catenary structures.
  • designed and built freeform ferrocement structures, pools and ponds; domes based on new geometries; houses, solariums and hot tubs integrating active and passive solar collectors with heat storage and electronically controlled wood-chip burning supplemental furnace of my design.
  • perfected an elegant pole/stucco/foam/plaster sandwich construction technique with the rich aesthetics of exposed pole joinery and a long list of superior qualities, such as minimal upkeep with maximum longevity, super-insulation, and low material & labor costs. I have done structural analysis and load-testing of this structural approach.
  • used a similar ferrocement/foam/tile construction technique to build hot tubs so energy efficient that they only lost 2 or 3 degrees F. a day. These elegant but rugged, low-maintenance tubs and pools would be excellent for a community or hot springs resort.
  • worked extensively with stone in fireplace construction, waterfalls and landscaping.
  • studied and experimented with new approaches and concepts in Alternative Energy Applications, notably, high temperature biomass combustion, heat-exchanger design, biogas systems, solar collector & heat storage technology, human-powered vehicles and power linkages, a radically new vertical-axis wind turbine, sail and boat propulsion systems, and superior articulated stilt designs.

Many of these creations are pictured here on my website ~ browse and enjoy!

I’ve been inventing new creations all my life, and have gotten pretty good at it. I always look for unique new ways to do things, to integrate various functions, concepts, materials and building techniques into a whole that is more than the sum of the parts, often based on fundamental forms.  The creations you see pictured on this website are just a sample. I can send you professional detailed plans if you want to build them yourself.

I can also create a Realistic 3D Solid-model (Computer-Aided-Design) of any structure or design concept you have in mind, then send you a 3D picture you can view from all angles and a detailed set of plans and dimensions for you to build from.

If you see something here that intrigues you, or you have an idea you would like to develop and put into visual perspective, contact me (  I’m easy to work with, flexible and reasonably priced.

 Larry Dobson