Hey there. Thanks for checking out who built this site. My name is Steve and I’m the chief editor here.

FundamentalForm was created with the goal of providing a resource for everyone that is interested in Engineering, Science and Architecture. I myself have a master’s degree in environmental science with a specialization in renewable energy systems. I’ve always been fascinated by the search for fundamental correlations. Naturally, science and related topics appealed to me.

When fundamentalform.com became available (Check Press Release), I thought that was the perfect name for what I wanted to build.

So if you enjoy these topics as much as we do, we hope you find inspiration and new ideas to ponder.

The site is pretty new, so there is not much content on here yet. But we’re adding new posts every week, and looking forward to growing FundamentalForm as a helpful resource for Science enthusiasts.

If you have questions or ideas to share, please just shoot me a message.

Keep exploring.